Sunday, 6 September 2015

Anticipation, preparation and trepidation………..

I am terribly excited yet petrified at the same time preparing for my session next week. I am afraid I may not have the capacity for this that I used to have or that I get into it and hate it (somehow I doubt it … but it still niggles) or that I will end up disappointed.


I have made a lovely pig nose for my role as Miss Piggy, the pig ears are next, it is amazing what you can find on YouTube, full instructions on how to make costume elements; as I am afraid the delivery of nose and ears are not going to be on time… and it adds to the excitement of what is to come keeping me focussed on my piggyness.                                                                                 

I have however received confirmation that the very delightful pig tail butt plug will be delivered on time for the big action next week….

I went shopping for craft supplies and found the most delightful jumbo pegs in the aisle up from the craft supplies and could not resist buying some for use on me next week.

On the menu for the day we have the following:-

Wax Play
Forced orgasms
Breast Bondage
Electro Torture
Forced giving of blow jobs
Humiliation and lots of gadgets and toys

Quiet the list I know for one session, by the looks it is going to be a marathon session, luckily more that one Dominant and a submissive or two have been pressed into service.

I have butterflies in my tummy and at times can barely breathe with excitement and pure terror…wishing the hours away … cannot wait hoping it comes soon….hoping the Dominants take pity on me and give me something practical to do.

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