Sunday, 6 September 2015

Anticipation, preparation and trepidation………..

I am terribly excited yet petrified at the same time preparing for my session next week. I am afraid I may not have the capacity for this that I used to have or that I get into it and hate it (somehow I doubt it … but it still niggles) or that I will end up disappointed.


I have made a lovely pig nose for my role as Miss Piggy, the pig ears are next, it is amazing what you can find on YouTube, full instructions on how to make costume elements; as I am afraid the delivery of nose and ears are not going to be on time… and it adds to the excitement of what is to come keeping me focussed on my piggyness.                                                                                 

I have however received confirmation that the very delightful pig tail butt plug will be delivered on time for the big action next week….

I went shopping for craft supplies and found the most delightful jumbo pegs in the aisle up from the craft supplies and could not resist buying some for use on me next week.

On the menu for the day we have the following:-

Wax Play
Forced orgasms
Breast Bondage
Electro Torture
Forced giving of blow jobs
Humiliation and lots of gadgets and toys

Quiet the list I know for one session, by the looks it is going to be a marathon session, luckily more that one Dominant and a submissive or two have been pressed into service.

I have butterflies in my tummy and at times can barely breathe with excitement and pure terror…wishing the hours away … cannot wait hoping it comes soon….hoping the Dominants take pity on me and give me something practical to do.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Miss Piggy is back in action...

After a long period not being at all active in the BDSM scene, I am venturing out for a session with two friends of mine, a Master and Mistress.

Miss Piggy
                                                                                                                                              We are planning a Miss Piggy session for the pain piggy in me, complete with ears, snout and the most amazing pink piggy tail butt plug.

As usual I will blog every day about my preparation activates and any tasks they may set me to do.

The pink butt plug was ordered from Extreme Restraints today and I expect deliveryin the next two days. I will be sure to show it off as soon as it arrives.

Pink Pig Tail Butt Plug
Pink Pig Tail Butt Plug                              

Image result for piggy ears and snout images

I also ordered a piggy ear and snout set from Amazon as part of my outfit. 

Exciting days ahead, I had forgotten how great the anticipation leading up to a pain session can be.

Be sure to come by tomorrow for an update…

Friday, 29 June 2012

Lots and lots of new toys....

I have been stressed these past weeks, my crocodile is critically ill and I have been racing between his factiry , my office and the hospital trying to cope with everything , get enough sleep be upbeat and still get to gym at 6 am every morning for training with the personal trainer.

I hit rock bottom today , I am exhausted and an emotional wreck. Sir Alix is coming to town and I hopefully will have a nice stress relieving session with him tomorrow evening rolling straight into a serious play session on Sunday morning.

In my emotional state I decided I needed a spot of retail theraphy, :) So , I shopped till I dropped... and what did I go buy that warrants me writing about it ?

Erotica and sex toys.... my favourites... I bought all three of the newly released Fifty Shades Trilogy... some sexy reading material , maybe that will get me all horny and distract me.

Nipple clamps on

And since I was in the area, I decided to stop in at the sex toy importers I know , who always give me wholesale prices on anything I purchase.

And since the prices are so reasonable I really splurged... I bought the following....
  1. New nipple clapms joined to each other by a really nice heavy chain
  2. Anal bead headed vibrator
  3. Fudgy remote egg vibrator
  4. Two finger Juice Junky Vibrator
  5. 2 Breast Enlager , breast pumps
  6. Latex strand Whip Dick
  7. Noduled Vagina Pump with mini vibrator
  8. New strap on vibrator with harness
And what does one do when one has new toys? You have to try them on... as I sit here I already have the new nipple clamps with chain on my nipples.......A lovely dull ache as I sit here in the slightly chilly room with my nipples clamped...

As I try each of the new toys out I will if possible take a picture of it in use, alternatively I will be taking pictures of the toy in question and post for all to see what is sure to be used on me tomorrow evening, and certainly to be documented and photographed and reported on after tomorrow and sunday's sessions.

Anal beeaded vibrator, now firmlyin place!

I do so love the feeling of a nice nipple clamp... it does such lovely sexy things for me.
Well I need to do way more testing... will post after sessions again. 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Plan and ensure you have all you need....

My play dates are usually elaborate and require a fair amount of planning and logistics as most of my play mates and partners are internationally based and scheduling is a nightmare. In addition my Master enjoys watching my play sessions via web cast, it plays to his well developed voyeuristic streak.

For my last session with Sir Segmen all had been planned, checked and double checked , shoes, equipment toys, laptop with camera's and sound and more....

It takes me forever to prepare for a major play session... the bathing and washing, shaving to ensure that all is smooth and soft, applying lotion, washing and drying my hair ( a two hour process on it's own) , polishing nails perfectly , applying make up to the instructed specifications and finally getting dressed.

Dressed up... posing with the great dane... lucky for me she is a female.
Getting into a corset and being laced into is a performance in itself... anyone who has ever had to be laced into a corset will attest to the fact that you need to hold on tightly to a door frame whilst being tugged and pulled to get the corset pulled as tight as most Dominants would prefer it to be. And once in the corset sitting down becomes a major challenge....

None the less , all of this has been accomplished well in time for our play date , all that remained was to walk across the yard in full regalia , balancing on 6 inch heels to the dungeon and present myself to Sir Segmen and to get the web cast started.

Tottering in my heels all excited I get the computer up and running and try and log on and nothing happens... freaking about not getting on line and being late I try another laptop... and still nothing. Then I check the amount of data available... nothing... the balance of the data had expired at midnight and I have nothing ... I cannot web cast for Master... ohhhhhh deary me,... and since it has been some time since Master has seen me being punished,i knew that not broadcasting was not an option... after begging forgiveness from him via yahoo on my mobile phone... I now had to beg Sir Segmen to please go to the store for me and get some data time...

Since I was all dressed up , if you can call being in a corset , stockings and killer heels dressed. I was not planning on going anywhere... Sir Segmen graciously agreed that we could go to the store, but that W/we had to go to the store and that I had to drive and needed to get out and buy the data time myself.

I was mortified....I begged him please please could he not go into the store for me , as I would certainly get arrested if I got out like that . Sir Segmen relented and agreed to let me wear jeans over the stockings but not much else...

Perched very upright ( due to corset) I drove to the closest store.. at the petrol station... mortified as I had to stop at a traffic light or two on the way and all the cars stopped next to us got a excellent view of my breast bulging in my corset on the verge of popping out...

A similar view to what the other drivers had...

Once at the store.. I wriggled out of the car ( which took forever) and tottered into the store in my corset and jeans covered by a light wrap ( just enough not to get arrested) and joined the line waiting to be served and purchase data time. Data time in hand... i thought my ordeal was over... wishful thinking...

As we turned into the road our house and the dungeon are on , Sir Segmen instructed me to stop the car and wriggle out of my jeans, I had to drive back to the house in only my corset for anyone to see and my complete mortification he instructed me that once I reached home I would have to get out and open the gate and then get back into the car and drive it in and close the gate again, in full view of passers by and the staff on the property . Bending to get out of the car with my pussy on full view balancing as to not fall flat ....

Shew... all of this... and the play had yet to start in full force... and since I had been remiss in not having all perfect for the session I was to receive additional punishment during play ....

More on the play tomorrow....

In position for my first spanking of the day !

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mistress Scarlett's Heavenly Hell: Welcome to Scarlett's Heavenly Hell

Mistress Scarlett's Heavenly Hell: Welcome to Scarlett's Heavenly Hell: As those who have been reading my original blog will know, not only am I a spankophile, I am also embrace BDSM as part of my lifestyle. I b...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Waiting for feedback......

I have not blogged for months , life had overtaken me. December vacation, my best friends wedding, work, my partners stint in rehab finally getting my dungeon ( Scarlett's Heavenly Hell) set up, opened and functioning and hosting a number of fetish events including a slave hunt at Easter..... naked slaves running around being hunted by Mistresses with raw eggs and being spanked and caned for each hit of an egg.

Me at a recent photo session...

I have now been issued with a tablet in the hope that I will use the bits of time that i have free to blog and entertain all of you with my exploits again.I have decided I will add a page to my blog that will deal with my Domina side and keep this page dedicated to my submissive side ( far to seldomly indulged these days.....

I have a few pictures from a recent submissive session with a regular playmate that I will write about and upload later tonight at home.

More of me dressed to the nines...

However what has gotten me blogging again is the wait for approval and scheduling of our play session, which will hopefully result in a  great new series of pictures and blog posts....

So if you all have been starved of my particular brand of blogs and real life pictures.... do post and comment your encouragement to urge both DOM'S to set the date and time for our session , the waiting is driving me crazy... and it making sure that all I can think about is the proposed play session and all that will be happening to me ... and how very bad it all is but sooooo exciting and sexy .

So do now encourage Sir F and Sir A to set the date and time.... soon that way I can write more about my exploiuts as Daddy's Little Girl.... :)

The logo for my new dungeon/play space.....

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Don't Stop till I am begging you for more!

Bob the Crocodile and I attended the Visogenist Dilletante party in October and here is a picture of us taken by la_Souris... it makes me think of the song by the Prlotones... watch for more pics  some taken by Bob and more stories.
Push me to the floor -The Parlotones
Don’t stand next to me and think it
Comes so easy ,I am not your toy
Coz you think love is something new,
But it is just a tool to make it alright
Push me to the floor don’t give up
Until I’m begging you for more
I’ll be thinking of the time I felt inspired
Don’t stand next to me I love the smell
Of ecstasy it makes me feel inspired
Coz you think love is like a sunrise
Up against you,somehow you’re
Always right
Push me to the floor don’t give up
Until I’m begging you for more
I’ll be thinking of the time I felt inspired
Push me to the floor,make me think
That you’re the one that I adore
It reminds me of a time I felt inspired
Your worth is worth is worth nothing when it’s
At someone else’s cost
Fortune’s not appreciated when the
Sweet stuff comes to fast
Push me to the floor don’t give up
Until I’m begging you for more
I’ll be thinking of the time I felt inspired
Push me to the floor,make me think
That you’re the one that I adore
It reminds me of a time I felt inspired
Your worth is worth is worth nothing when it’s
At someone else’s cost
Fortune’s not appreciated when the
Sweet stuff comes to fast
Push me to the floor don’t give up
Until I’m begging you for more
I’ll be thinking of the time I felt inspired
Push me to the floor,make me think
That you’re the one that I adore
It reminds me of a time I felt inspired
And for you listening pleasure a link to push me to the floor.... one of my all time favourites!